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HD Sonic Drilling, Inc. provides a wide range of remediation services for sites impacted with contaminated soil and/or ground water.

HD's staff of project managers, field supervisors and technicians have extensive experience in the remediation and environmental services fields. Our remediation construction management team is experienced in directing site operations, enforcing site specific health and safety requirements, and quality assurance/quality control (QA/QC). HD personnel have project experience in a wide variety of treatment technologies. Certifications and licenses are available upon request.

HD Sonic Drilling, Inc. | Ohio Air Rotary & Sonic Drilling

Why HD Sonic Drilling, Inc.?

HD personnel have worked extensively in remediating (in-situ and ex-situ) impacted soil and ground water at Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) and Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act (CERCLA) sites. HD has successfully provided excavation, transportation and disposal of impacted soils and materials for numerous clients.

We have successfully performed in-situ treatment of impacted soils using bio-treatment technology, as well as in-situ and ex-situ ground water remediation using single and dual phase extraction systems. HD Sonic Drilling offers complete installation, operation and maintenance services to these extraction systems.

We have successfully remediated numerous sites impacted with various organic, inorganic and metal constituents. Our remediation capabilities include solidification and stabilization, land treatment (biological), clay capping, in-situ and ex-situ single and dual phase extraction systems, and more.

Geotechnical Drilling

HD Sonic Drilling, Inc. - Geotechnical Drilling in Ohio

Geotechnical drilling is drilling which typically is related to the construction of a structure such as a building, highway or bridge. Geotechnical drilling and sampling is the basis for the overall geotechnical investigation and engineering report, and is usually focused on evaluating specific site conditions related to soil stability and load-bearing capacity of materials at the proposed site. This investigation is generally completed prior to, or as a part of, the preliminary and final design steps for the structure.

HD Sonic Drilling, Inc. specializes in providing geotechnical drilling services under the supervision of a geotechnical engineer. Our fleet of drilling rigs and support equipment provides us with the flexibility to meet the most challenging needs of your geotechnical drilling project.

Exploration Drilling

Exploration drilling involves drilling and sampling of subsurface materials with the objective of identifying materials of economic interest, and evaluating potential reserves of these materials. With issues related to overburden, interval and continuous sampling of unconsolidated deposits to coring of rock formations, exploration drilling is a challenging discipline that requires experienced drilling crews and reliable equipment. From aggregates to mineral ore bodies, each project brings its own set of unique challenges.

HD Sonic Drilling, Inc. - Exploration Drilling in Ohio

HD Sonic Drilling, Inc. has both experience completing challenging mineral exploration projects in a diversity of environments, and the drilling and sampling equipment needed to make your project a success.

Environmental Drilling

Environmental projects ranging from preliminary site characterizations to major remediation projects require a wide range of drilling services. Sampling in restrictive locations, dealing with hazardous materials, and installing monitoring and remediation wells in a range of soils and water-bearing units on any given site are common challenges for environmental drilling. Reliable equipment, extensive experience, and flexibility and creativity in overcoming day-to-day obstacles are all key pieces to successfully completing an environmental drilling project. Experience in successfully completing the complex regulatory requirements for sampling and well installation is also vital to the success of the project. In addition to the physical obstacles, regulatory considerations, and safety issues encountered on many sites, environmental sites carry the burden of driller health and safety considerations when working with hazardous materials.

HD Sonic Drilling, Inc. - Environmental Drilling in Ohio

At HD Sonic Drilling, Inc. we have a lengthy list of private companies, governmental organizations and regulatory agencies as satisfied clients. With experienced drilling crews and an extensive inventory of drilling, sampling and well completion equipment, HD Sonic Drilling is prepared to meet the most demanding challenges of your environmental drilling project.

Geothermal Drilling

In many locations in the U.S., especially in the Eastern mid-continent where thick layers of consolidated sediments overlie bedrock, geothermal heating and cooling systems are being installed with increasing frequency. These systems operate by extracting thermal energy from, or injecting thermal energy in, the earth using boreholes as heat exchangers. Boreholes up to several hundred feet in depth are installed, and completed with closed loop tubing and thermally-conductive grout. Multiple boreholes are connected in series, and a thermally-conductive liquid is circulated through the closed loop system to either extract heat from the earth, or to transfer heat from the liquid to the earth. Sonic drilling methods have proven to be an efficient and time-expedient method for completing the matrix of wells required for the typical geothermal installation. The sonic method allows for precise placement of the closed-loop tubing and complete grouting of the borehole to maximize heat transfer and increase the efficiency of the system.

HD Sonic Drilling, Inc. - Geothermal Drilling in Ohio

Our personnel at HD Sonic Drilling, Inc. have extensive experience with the successful installation of geothermal wells under a wide variety of site conditions. Track-mounted and truck-mounted sonic drilling equipment offers a variety of options to address even the most challenging site conditions for your geothermal system project.


Many construction and environmental response sites are negatively impacted by the presence of shallow ground water, which impedes or even prevents the installation of major subsurface structural elements of buildings or structures. On environmental response sites, shallow ground water may be responsible for offsite transport of contaminants, or for impeding efforts to characterize or remediate the site. In many instances, installation of pumping wells is recommended by project engineers to dewater and control ground water levels on the site. In some cases, the wells are temporary and dewatering is only active during some key phase of site activity; in other cases, dewatering wells become permanent structures to provide long-term ground water level control at the site. Sonic drilling is an ideal tool to be able to accurately identify zones of shallow ground water, provide continuous samples for proper and efficient well design, and install either temporary or permanent dewatering wells.

HD Sonic Drilling, Inc. personnel have extensive experience with the successful installation of construction and environmental related dewatering wells under a wide variety of site conditions. Our fleet of track-mounted and truck-mounted sonic drilling equipment offers a variety of options to address even the most challenging site conditions for successful completion of your dewatering project.

HD Sonic Drilling, Inc. - Ohio Product Recovery

Product Recovery

Many environmental sites are impacted by subsurface liquid-phase contamination in sufficient quantities to form their own layer, either as an isolated layer in subsurface sediments, or as a discrete layer floating on top, or having sunk to the bottom of a ground water unit. With proper well design and installation, a significant percentage of these contaminants, often called "free-product" or simply "product", may be recovered for proper containment and disposal. Sonic drilling provides the continuous sampling necessary for proper product recovery well design, and allows pinpoint placement of recovery wells to maximize product recovery while protecting overlying subsurface units from potential cross-contamination.

Drill crews at HD Sonic Drilling, Inc. have successfully completed the installation of product recovery wells at sites across the United States. Track and truck mounted sonic drilling equipment, including both mini- and full-sized sonic drill heads, allow us to develop customized drilling programs to meet your product recovery needs under the most challenging of conditions.

HD Sonic Drilling, Inc. - Geo-Construction in Ohio


Many types of construction projects, notably large projects involving extensive earthen features, require a type of subsurface work known as geo-construction drilling. Geo-construction drilling includes tasks such as grout or cement injection to fill voids, or the installation of an impermeable barrier to water flow. Another application of geo-construction drilling is the injection of grout or cement to provide subsurface support for a structural load-bearing element. Although shallow geo-construction drilling may be completed using auger techniques, sonic and air rotary methods allow for deeper penetration and injection of the grouting materials at depths in excess of several hundred feet. Sonic drilling provides a highly efficient and cost-effective solution for precise grout placement for a variety of geo-construction applications.

HD Sonic Drilling, Inc. personnel have extensive experience with the use of sonic technology and air rotary drilling to successfully complete geo-construction projects. Projects have been completed for both private and public sector clients, including the use of sonic drilling technology to inject grout into underground voids and abandoned underground coal mines to both mitigate and remediate mine subsidence beneath interstate highways in Ohio. With our fleet of truck-mounted and track-mounted full-sized sonic rigs, and our track-mounted mini-sonic rigs, HD Sonic Drilling, Inc. has the resources to meet your most complex geo-construction project, including drilling and grout injection in tight work spaces.


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We are licensed in Ohio (OH), Pennsylvania (PA), West Virginia (WV), Virginia (VA), Indiana (IN), Kentucky (KY), Missouri (MO), North Carolina (NC), Texas (TX), New York (NY), and New Jersey (NJ).